Mercenaries are not Missionaries.

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I got home yesterday from Echo, a conference for “artists, geeks, and storytellers” who work in ministry. It was refreshing to head to Dallas, TX for a few days and meet with like-minded people who work each day trying to creatively communicate the gospel. I’m processing a lot from the week, but wanted to share one point that has really stuck with me.

Mercenaries are not Missionaries.

I sat in a session led by Joshua Blankenship, the Design Director for NewSpring Church in South Carolina. His talk, “Mission Work: Why Do You Do What You Do?”, reminded me that we all have reason and purpose behind our jobs. Most of us want to work for an organization where we buy in to and believe in their mission. Hopefully, we take a job because the opportunity seems exciting and we like what they are doing. It’s easy to lose sight of that after a while. Jobs get tough. Relationships become difficult. Stress sets in and we find ourselves uninspired and tired. If I’m honest, I’m guilty of forgetting my church’s mission and showing up to work just to do tasks.

I can go on a mission or I can punch a clock. I can be a mercenary earning a paycheck, or a missionary seeking to make a difference. I’m still processing, but I know the right answer.

Music Inspires.

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Bon Appétit

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My goal this year is to spend money on good, healthy food instead of eating out as much. I’m normally pretty good at this but wanted to experiment with new recipes. Attempt 1: Chai Latte. Verdict: 4/5 stars.

I made this for my roommate and I. I threw all of my vegetarian leftovers in a pan and covered it with eggs and spices. Eggs-ellent!